Evangelischer Diakonieverein Sindelfingen e.V.

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The Evang. Diakonieverein as an employer

Arbeiten beim Evang. DiakonievereinArbeiten beim Evang. DiakonievereinThe Evang. Diakoniverein Sindelfingen e.V is carrier of four nursing homes in Sindelfingen, Maichingen and Darsheim/Dagersheim. The Diakoniverein Sindelfingen has been around since 1961, and enjoys an excellent reputation even beyond the borders of Sindelfingen.
We employ more than 400 people in the fields of elderly care, housekeeping (including kitchen areas), house cleaning, building services, and administration.

Our employees are paid according to scale of the employment contract guidelines of Diakonie Germany. This includes:

• thirteenth salary
• pension scheme via supplementary pension funds
• shift allowances
• child allowance

In addition, the Evang. Diakonieverein offers its employees:

• promotion of internal and external advanced training and continuing education
• nursery school placement for employees’ children in the Burghalde Day Care Center
• various health promoting measures
• events for employees (eg staff outings, staff parties)

By applying the highest staffing ratio possible we can ensure excellent, sensitive care for our residents, and create reliable framework conditions for our employees.

Evangelischer Diakonieverein Sindelfingen e.V.
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71065 Sindelfingen

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