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Volunteer Service (FSJ/BFD)

FSJ:Voluntary year of social service /BFD: federal voluntary service

We offer:
12-14 employment sites in the following four facilities of the Diakonieverein: Pflegezentrum Maichingen, Pflegeheim Haus am Brunnen with the Tagespflege and Pflegeheim Haus an der Schwippe

Our goal:
To enable different learning experiences and insights into the social work field of taking care of the elderly

Age groups:
FSJ: 16 - 26 years
BFD: All age groups from 18 years, with the possibility for over 27-year-olds to work part-time (at least 20.5 hours)

Duration of employment: Typically 12 months, possible durations of employment are also between 6 and 18 months

Contact Person

Nathalia Trippel
Training Mentor
Phone: 07031 6192-134
Fax: 07031 6192-133
E-mail: trippel at diakonie-sindelfingen point de

Possible areas of application:
• Social support: grocery shopping for residents, accompaniment during day trips and walks, assistance with day care
• Assistance in the living areas: domestic work, nursing activities
• maintenance of the facility and building services: gardening, running errands, repairs, painting, animal care, stand-in for transport service (driver’s license required)

Our volunteers are accompanied by a full-time employee in our facility. Part of their job is also to organize personal as well as professional exchange/interaction of the volunteers. In addition to this the volunteers are accompanied by the Diakonisches Werk in Wuerttemberg (DWW) the carrier of the voluntary services. The DWW also carries out the obligatory educational days for our volunteers.
It is also possible to reside in one of the facilities.

For more information on volunteer services visit www.ran-ans-leben.de and ausbildung at diakonie-sindelfingen point de

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